Before publishing ten critically acclaimed novels, award-winning and Amazon Bestselling author Steven Paul Leiva spent over twenty years in the entertainment industry as a writer and producer. He worked with such talent as Academy Award-winning producer Richard Zanuck; director Ivan Reitman; literary legend and screenwriter Ray Bradbury; Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz; Looney Tunes legend Chuck Jones; manager/producer Ken Kragen, and Animation Feature Academy Award-winning director Brad Bird. He even lent his voice to the Academy Award shortlisted (placing in the top ten) animated short, "The Indescribable Nth". 

Leiva produced the animation for Space Jam, putting together an ad hoc animation studio for Warner Bros and executive producer Ivan Reitman in three days over the phone.

During this time, he wrote novels and a play, Made on the Moon, which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, receiving a four-star review from The Scotsman.

After Space Jam, Leiva decided to concentrate on writing novels. Since 2003, he has published nine novels, a novella, and a book of essays.

His work has been praised by literary great Ray Bradbury, Oscar-winning film producer Richard Zanuck, NY Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize finalist Diane Ackerman, and Star Trek actor John Billingsley, the greatest bookworm in Hollywood. He has received the Scribe Award from the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers.

A traveler among several genres, his books include his witty Hollywood thrillers, Blood is Pretty and Hollywood is an All-Volunteer Army; his novelization of the indie family film, The 12 Dogs of Christmas (a Scribe Award-Winner); his Sci-Fi satire of first-contact told from the point-of-view of the aliens, Traveling in Space; his humorous look at happy-ever-afters, By the Sea; his surreal political fantasia, Imp; his bizarre, possibly audacious, somewhat Sci-Fi novella, Made on the Moon (based on his play); Journey to Where, a contemporary "scientific romance" written in the tradition of H.G. Wells and Jules Vern; his mashup of monster movie spoof with political comedy, Creature Feature: A Horrid Comedy; and his latest, Bully 4 Love, a rather odd love story featuring love rejected, love ignored, love revealed, and pizza! (pub date, May 7, 2021)
You can find more about Leiva and read his blogs at https://tinyurl.com/ydgpkps8